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Understanding How to Prevent Distracted Driving

In recent years, distracted driving has garnered so much attention because of the number of deaths that it is associated with. Many drivers are using their cell phones while driving and the new in-car technology also distracts them when they are on the move. For instance, in 2017, the number of people that died in the US due to distracted driving was 37,150. Distracted driving is described as the act of driving while still engaged in other activities and this takes away the driver’s concentration and it leads to an accident. The three main types of distraction include manual, visual, and cognitive where your mind off driving.

Various driving solutions have been introduced and they are meant to reduce or prevent these vehicle crashes and one of them is the drive screen. Particular features are associated with a good drive screen and this is what you need to look out for. First of all, a good drive screen inevitably removes any distractions that are brought about by mobile devices. This means that you will concentrate on the road and drive safely to your destination. It is important to understand that a majority of these distractions are brought about by cell phones and providing this option is a good thing. The second feature is that it has a single program that has various crucial options that are needed by a driver in motion. This aspect ensures that a driver still manages to interact with their device such as a laptop when they are driving.

A good drive screen should also be configurable and flexible. The reason why this aspect is important is that there are different needs that drivers have and managing to configure the drive screen to your preference is a good thing that you should look out for. For seamless use of a drive screen, it is important to have back-end support so that you do not lose any of the applications that are needed. Some systems have a motion sensor or GPS and if they are compatible with the drive screen, then you will not need to have additional hardware. In the end, you will have saved some money. The issue of data and security has always been an important factor when looking for a drive screen. Therefore, you need to make sure that your vehicle system will not be hacked by any other device that has been installed.

You should check out the screen options that come with a screen drive and these could include locked screen, motion desktop, and motion application. The motion app provides you with the applications that you need when you are in motion. The locked screen serves the option of locking user input when the vehicle is in motion. The motion desktop is important because it blocks the screen and permits you to pick any graphic that you want to see. It is important to reduce the number of deaths through car crashes because that translates to lots of money that are spent on legal expenses, medical care, lost productivity, and property damages.

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